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We saw the entire cat I was looking around as usual, and though I saw a very large cat shaped figure sitting in a brushy thicket about 50 feet from the road.

West Tennessee Cougar Sightings

I quickly took a second look to see if I truly saw what I thought I saw and confirmed it was a large cat. From my point of reference I would say the sitting figure was about 25 inches tall, much taller than any normal feline in this area. I've checked that spot every time I pass it since, but no more cougars to date.

Jeff Roush. Color of cougar: fawn color Description of sighting: walking across the milan arensal in front of steve marsh ford. Color of cougar: Tan black ears w white markings and striped legs Description of sighting: Caught on our Hunting Field Camera.


Please have TWRA educate people of these animals being here so "accidents" can be avoided and we can co habitat with these beautiful creatures. I have pictures if you would like to see Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: late afternoon 4th july week-end i saw what i thought to be a yellow lab in a field off hwy 25 near blesoe creek bridge after a better look it was walking low and very cat like and definitly not a dog.

Robert walked over to our doorway glass french doors to watch for birds in our back yard. He excitedly called Teresa to come and look. We both saw a cougar. We have seen them before and have no doubt. It was standing sideways to our position so that we had a full view of its head and tail. There was no time to get a camera, as it almost immediately sauntered into the trees along the creek and disappeared. We did not note the date on our calendar but we think it was about June We called the Lakeland City Office to report it. They in turn notified Wildlife Officials. Someone from that office then called us, but of course since we didn't get a picture there was no confirmation.

Color of cougar: tannish goldish Description of sighting: at first i thought it was just another cat eating from our scrap pile We saw what we thought was a huge deer, but the closer we got to the animal we thought it was a bobcat or a wolf because of the gray coloring. Then we got a little closer to it and we noticed there were two animals and they put up their heads and looked at us and we knew they were not wolves because of the huge cat-like ears. They leaped over the grass and we noticed their long tails. We see bobcats often while at the river but never anything this big. Color of cougar: tannish Description of sighting: waiting in my truck for my family to get in to go to church.

MY truck running, lights on, I saw what appeared to be a courgar-mountian lion looking animal stalking a rabbit down in my lower back yard.

Journal of Mammalogy

I was so fascinated by the whole thing I went back to rush the family up to see it ,but by the time we ran back out I didn't see it any more, but I am certain it was a cougar. The next nite I heard about one in Germantown I think,on the Memphis news tv station, although I am pretty certain that was not the same one!

This was about fall of the year I assumed it was big bobcat because I had seen some in the area.

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I looked out my bathroom window one afternoon and saw what I first thought was a large stray dog. I went to get my rifle and came back to see a large cat standing up with a long tail with a black tip. I have never seen a cougar in person but I have seen a bobcat. This was absolutely NOT a bobcat.

I would guess it weighed about 60 pounds maybe larger. The cat was easily as tall as my labrador but not as thick. I took a shot and went underneath it's belly. It ran off into a thicket. It took having a red fox killed 40 yards from my mother-in-law's front porch to get this person out. He did comfim that it was a cougar and set up a motion camera behind her brother-in-law's, Billy, next door to her house. He came out and checked the camera and told us that he had to send the film off but that was the last we heard of him.

We have no idea if one was caught on film since the area it was set up in was a normal path this cat took or what was on there. There is plenty of deer behind the house as well as woods. We have had this cat spotted in Billy's barn and the house next to him more family. I have personally heard the "scream" of the cat next to the house and the next morning found tracks in the soft dirt not a foot off the back porch. Can you please help or give more advice? We are tired of being told that there is no such cat in thie area we have the evidence and conformation of one.

I guess nobody wants to help or admit that this is possible. Susan Henderson. Reporter: Rami F. Color of cougar: Tan Description of sighting: I am a 47 year old male who has been riding the wolf river mountain bike trails for about the last 15 years.

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The first sighting was about 5 or 6 years ago along the Wolf River between Germantown Pkwy. It was late in the afternoon when a large feline with a long tail ran down the trail in front of me for about 15 to 20 feet before darting into the woods to my left.

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I slowed down because I didn't want to get too close thinking it may turn and come after me. Then about a year later I was riding my mountain bike again in the late afternoon, this time I had just gone under the bridge near Baptist East Hospital and was on the dirt road going to Shelby Farms. I got within roughly 50 feet before it saw me. When the cat did see me it stood up from a sitting position and turned around from a position of facing the dirt road to go into the high brush along the side of the road near the bridge.

I got an excellent look at it this time and there is no doubt that it was a cougar.

When it stood up I could clearly see the entire body and long tail. It was probably about the size of a German Shepard. Not long after the second sighting the construction of the new bridge near Baptist East began and I haven't see it since then. Color of cougar: grey-ish Description of sighting: It was August 8, at in the morning - in the edge of a field in the woods - in an area where many other people have seen and tried to report them.

There were obvious trails through the brush. I saw it head on, watching me from across the field - and I tried to get closer to take a photo - and got within 30 or 40 yards of it - and then it turned sideways and walked off into a small area of trees.

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The long curved tail was clearly visible - and it was obviously a big cat. About that time I realized I could be in danger and immediately left the area. I reported it to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - but officer Presley said "there were no big cats in that area - and I was mistaken - and I would have to have a photograph to prove what it was". So I haven't done anything about it again up until now - and have not seen the animal again over there. My mom lives in the area, so I get an opportunity to look around over there several times each year. Color of cougar: brown Description of sighting: My family rented a log cabin between Pigeon Forge and Gatlinberg.

Friday, June 27th, It was the evening.

The animal looked a darker brown. I just think the residents should be aware. My daughter and nephew were playing down below the cabin, where the animal was spotted, chasing a rabbit an hour before the sighting. My father is a trapper so I am quite familiar with fox, coyote, bobcat. This was a montain lion of some sort. We live in a town with a zoo that has a mountian lion on display. So I have seen one before many times. I just wanted to inform someone of the sighting. I went up the road to drive across the top of the dam.