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We knew that God had given both of us a great story to share and teaching our students was the platform where He allowed us to do it. Many people look to society, celebrities, media, fashion, and so on for what a real woman should look like, act like, and how she should live. Although we can never be all things to all people at all times we will never be perfect , we should always seek to live our lives with honor, grit, and grace… no matter our age or place in life. She is defined by God, and that value can never be overemphasized. Different seasons of life bring about mixed emotions.

God clearly chose you to experience this journey for a reason. A virtuous woman does these things, for she knows she is a woman of great worth and beauty.

Remember your family. A virtuous woman is busy with activities that pertain to the good and well-being of her parents, siblings, and perhaps one day her future husband or children. I still have the privilege of honoring my parents every day in the way I act, speak, live, and take care of my own family. He wants to be the only One, not number one.

We want to grow for the better. The problem, these days, is knowing what is better, what is the ideal. As we grew older, we may have been influenced by the feminist ideal, the bra-burning, self-actualizing woman. What is the ideal we should be striving for? This Hebrew expression occurs only three times in the Old Testament, but a study of these three passages is likely to reveal what the Bible supports as an ideal of Christian womanhood. It seems that originally the sense of chayil was to stand firm, as would a soldier in battle. First standing for both the physical and moral strength required to stand firm, it then came to be applied to an army as a whole, and finally to the wealth owned by the so-called warrior class of Israelites.

So we can suppose that an eshet-chayil is a person of strength physical or moral who stands firm. The first occurrence of eshet-chayil is Ruth There Ruth is called an eshet-chayil by Boaz. The context is not army nor wealth: Ruth is an extremely poor, unmarried widow. The basis Boaz gives for her being an eshet-chayil is that she has done a great kindness v Boaz mentions that everyone in Bethlehem thinks of Ruth as an eshet-chayil. Ruth displays the moral strength of a person who stands firm and lets nothing dissuade her from doing what will right a very wrong situation Ru It seems that an important characteristic of the ideal woman is her determination to make right things happen in a wrong world.

Ruth was not content with whatever God brought along; she initiated change in righting what she felt was wrong. She had thrown in her lot with a woman peculiarly unlucky Ru ; she was poor and widowed, with no visible means of support. She had struggles and worries. But she had the determination of the biblical ideal woman.

Hebrew poets were very fond of writing poetry in couplets that either repeated the same idea twice or expressed opposites. Mevisha literally means one causing shame.

The word is a feminine singular participle, so the one causing the shame is the woman and the one who feels shame is the man. A man married to a mevisha feels shame because she is not trustworthy. An eshet-chayil is the opposite. She is a woman who can be trusted. The verse is not specific about what she can be trusted to do or not to do — just that she can be trusted. Thus an ideal woman is not only determined, but also trustworthy. The third and last occurrence of eshet-chayil is Proverbs Not all women everywhere can emulate the Israelite 10 th century BC culture which this Proverbs 31 woman exemplifies.

All women cannot spin, wake before dawn, have servants, own property, be strong, do business, wear linen and purple, have children or be married. But what characteristics lie behind these activities which all women at all times can emulate? These are all synonyms referring to the possession of a keen, searching intelligence combined usually with sound judgment.

Shrewd stresses perceptiveness, hardheadedness, cunning and an intuitive knack in practical matters. Sagacious emphasizes more profound wisdom based on wide experience and gift for discernment and farsightedness. Astute suggests qualities associated with practical wisdom, such as acute understanding, insight, discernment, and immunity to being deceived.

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American Heritage Dictionary — p The eshet-chayil has this astute practical mind. Indeed, an eshet-chayil is worth far more than rubies and ought to be found at all cost.

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I hope you'll join me again tomorrow. God bless you and your family. Thanks for all the lovely posts! As a new wife and mother I really appreciate the valuable information. Beautiful ministry: Really inspiring.

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A great reminder of how important it is to spend time with God everyday. Thanks for stopping by today. I hope you'll join me tomorrow. Thanks : I really needed to read this today. God has been asking me to wake up earlier to spend time with Him. Great reminder! You are God's instrument to bring a fresh word from His heart to many women. Continue doing that