PDF The Mongol Rally - 8,000 miles in a 1982 Ford Fiesta!

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Publication Date. Air Travel. Motorcycle Travel. Rail Travel. All Ratings. Bike Travelling Man: a life with two motorcycles 4. Gooseberry Falls State Park 5. Tales from the Front Desk 4. Eating in - A review of restaurants in Alicante 1. The Mongol Rally - 8, miles in a Ford Fiesta! Prepared For Takeoff! Now What? Travel With Us on the Queen Mary 2 3. A Weekend in Hell 4. Ilhan Kose sent by e-mail I AGREE that Milton Keynes should become a city and the Queen should accept the request on her next visit to Milton Keynes Telma Guerreiro sent by email I also wrote to Her Majesty on August 4, asking that she confer Rob Gibson with the letter to the Queen on behalf of city residents of Milton Keynes' can-do attitude and, given its growing regional importance, calls on the Lord Chancellor to recommend that Milton Keynes be awarded city status'.

Competitions are usually held to mark important Royal anniversaries which are national in nature. This time, we would hope that Her Majesty would be impressed by the sheer scale and diversity of what has been achieved here during her reign. I filed the letter away to be laughed at by my family. This is an absolute cheek and an affront to the Queen and tantamount to blackmail. When are the people of Milton Keynes and your paper going to realise Milton Keynes is not ready or even worthy of being created a city, yet.

Another 50 or, perhaps, years time.

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It does not warrant being made a city after such a short time as 40 years; it is still a baby TOWN. Get real!

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The public transport is terrible and we have more trees than residents. I have lived in Milton Keynes for 29 years. But whatever happens, the show must go on. Former Coronation Street star Bradley Walsh is making a return to the city stage this Christmas, where he will play the part of Wishee Washee.

Who was in your team?

After performing in Cinderella last year, Bradley - who is now learning his lines for his 14th pantomine - says he is thrilled to be back. It was choice between this and a London theatre. Well- known for his comical improvisation on stage, the rest of the cast never quite know what to expect. You really have to be awake.


We were the biggest money grossing show last year. It is one of the hubs of the community. Sometimes it depends on the weather. It works both ways. I love it. I want a cast vs first team match. They start rehearsals on November However, EPAs made prior to 1 October will continue to be valid. Indeed having an LPA in place is just as important as making a Will because it affects you during your lifetime. The benefit of the LPA is that it will allow you and your family the certainty of knowing who will deal with your affairs and personal welfare if you become incapable of making decisions about these things yourself.

Moreover, you will have the comfort of knowing that the Attorney dealing with your affairs is the person of your choice and not someone whom the Court chooses to appoint on your behalf.

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A person can make two types of LPA, one dealing with financial matters which enables your Attorney to act on your behalf in relation to your financial affairs as do EPAs and one concerning personal welfare. A Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney LPA allows you to plan ahead by choosing one or more people to make decisions on your behalf regarding your property and financial affairs. You can appoint a property and affairs Attorney to manage your finances and property whilst you still have capacity as well as when you lack capacity.

For example, it may be easier for you to give someone the power to carry out tasks such as paying your bills if you find it difficult to get about. Please note that the document has to be registered before it can be used. A Personal Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney allows you to plan ahead by choosing one or more people to make decisions on your behalf regarding your personal healthcare and welfare.

As you can see the protection offered by an LPA can be invaluable. Please contact us today to see how we can help.

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Office hours: 9am-9pm. Our windows and doors are of the highest quality and come with a British Standard Kitemark plus we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

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Gallagher 8c Cropton will not be beaten on price, so call us first and transform your home forever. Licensed Credit Broker. Office of Fair Trading No. Insist on a British Standard Kitemark window. Good quality, expert installations, exceptional after sales. All this doesn't have to be expensive. The family raised complaints over decisions made by the local mental health trust at an inquest on Monday.

Thirty-eight-year-old Gary Quinn was found dead in an isolated area of woodland, north of the Peace Pagoda at Willen Lake on Thursday February 8 this year. He was discovered hanging from a branch by two children who were playing in the deep snow. The inquest heard that Mr Quinn, who lived in Richmond Road, Leighton Buzzard, had suffered from bi-polar disorder since his teens, which causes dramatic mood swings.

His condition was made worse by regular alcohol and drug use. His family said they asked staff responsible for his care to section him under the Mental Health Act several times during the three months leading up to his death. They wanted him to be moved to a more secure unit where he would not have the chance to escape or refuse to take his medication. He was broken, there was no respite from the pain his head gave him. He explained that it was about balancing protection of patients and ensuring they retain their human rights. Platinum diamond cluster ring, approx 1. The police gun instructor had been showing a revolver to 11 civilian staff before it went off.

As part of a successful national network, the reliable, friendly service covers the whole of the local area. They are illustrated and priced in the free colour brochure which is easy to use and is updated every six months. Most dishes can be heated in the oven or microwave in minutes providing a tasty and nutritious meal with the minimum of fuss. To order your Taster Pack and free brochure call Andrew or Nicole or fill in the coupon and pop it in the post. Address: Postcode:. Tel: 12 October 17, www. We can visit your home with a selection of samples, measure the required area and provide a No Obligation Estimate.

Fineweava Flooring Specialists Beautiful floors - Beautifully fitted www. Prisoners are gaining work experience by sorting rubbish from across the establishment ready for recycling. Woodhill Prison, on Tattenhoe Street, has opened a brand new waste recycling centre on site.

Rubbish is brought into the workshop by tractor, where 15 employed inmates sort it ready for recycling. Our guarantee to you. Patio upto 1.

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If you want to know your rights, resolve any financial issues or simply discuss your options, you will want advice from an expert. Call Woodfines for a personal and effective service. It is my sincerest hope that there are a number of facts missing from your story, because it is painting a picture that you can have first pick of this new affordable housing based on faith alone. If your story is accurate, I find it utterly disgraceful. However, unpaid carers saving the Government millions page 21 demands a comment.

I even filled in a on-line report as well. Fly tipping happens far too often in our estate, when I call up and tell the council who is doing it they just thank me for the call and come out to take the rubbish away. They do not fine the people who dump rubbish. How about restricting greedy property investors who compete with first-time buyers to obtain buy-to-let properties? I am old enough to remember the unscrupulous landlords of the Rackman era, before the Housing Act.

We could be heading down that way again. Imagine bragging down the pub that you raced with Damon Hill, Mark Blundell and Gil de Ferran, or with a goodly chunk of the Eastenders cast! Own Teeth Angels Wanted Satisfaction guaranteed! A Debutante seeks Bricklayer for dirty little games.