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  • Cinq nouvelles extraordinaires : Spectre seul - Notre-Dame La Guillotine - Le Spectre rouge - Le Navire de Jules César - Dans le ventre dHuitzilopochtli (French Edition).
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Captain Jack - Little Boy 1996

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2. Goose was a viral superstar from the start.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jan 26, Pramod Nair rated it really liked it Shelves: classics , voyages-extraordinaires. Set against the backdrop of the African wilderness this is the captivating coming of age story of a year-old boy who is suddenly entrusted with momentous responsibilities by fate. During this return journey apart from the whaling crew and the sailors the ship also has the family of the owner of the whaling company with them as passengers.

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During the return voyage they rescues some survivors - five people and a dog - from the wreck of another ship. After this rescue they encounter a whale and decides to hunt it. What follows is a great adventure where Dick Sands courageously takes his passengers through the perils of dangerous seas, unknown landmasses, jungles teeming with hazards and attempts of betrayal and risk of slavery.

The geographic details, animal life - especially the insect life — and the plant life of Africa are all meticulously illustrated. As can be observed from a passage given below, the detailed way in which he describes the story makes the reader virtually experience the backdrops of each scene within the canvas of his mind in vivid clarity. The weather was very hot; ever since daybreak heavy clouds had been gathering upon the horizon, and it seemed hardly likely that the day would pass without a storm.

Fortunately the woods were sufficiently light to ensure a certain amount of freshness to the surface of the soil. Here and there were large patches of tall, rank grass enclosed by clumps of forest trees. In some places, fossilized trunks, lying on the ground, betokened the existence of one of the coal districts that are common upon the continent of Africa. Along the glades the carpet of verdure was relieved by crimson stems and a variety of flowers; ginger-blossoms, blue and yellow, pale lobelias, and red orchids fertilized by the numerous insects that incessantly hovered about them.

The Boy Who Would Be Captain Hook

The trees did not grow in impenetrable masses of one species, but exhibited themselves in infinite variety. There was also a species of palm producing an oil locally much valued; there were cotton-plants growing in bushes eight or ten feet high, the cotton attached in long shreds to the ligneous stalks; and there were copals from which, pierced by the proboscis of certain insects, exudes an odorous resin that flows on to the ground and is collected by the natives. Then there were citrons and wild pomegranates and a score of other arborescent plants, all testifying to the fertility of this plateau of Central Africa.

In many places, too, the air was fragrant with the odour of vanilla, though it was not possible to discover the shrub from which the perfume emanated. This may not be a fast paced narrative still it is a classic adventure story, which will fascinate readers of all age groups. It narrates an intense story along with gruesome accounts of the horrors of the Atlantic slave trade and the impact it had on the African mainland in great details. View all 5 comments. Dick Sands,a fifteen year old American orphan, is on board the whaling ship "Pilgrim", headed for San Francisco.

This apprentice sailor, is learning how to be master of a ship some day. That opportunity will arrive sooner than expected! Captain Hull had to put most of the rebellious crew on shore, in a New Zealand port. The ship is carrying Dick Sands, the skipper,five sailors,the owner's wife, Mrs.

Captain Boy

Weldon ,her young son Jack,a nurse and cousin Benedict a bug collector. Also the mysterious and unf Dick Sands,a fifteen year old American orphan, is on board the whaling ship "Pilgrim", headed for San Francisco.

  1. 1. Like the movie's human heroine, Goose comes straight from the comic books..
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  3. Volpone, or, The Fox;
  4. Esclavos del placer (Libido) (Spanish Edition).
  5. Also the mysterious and unfriendly Portuguese cook,Negoro,who keeps to himself. The captain and his sailors,later find five unconscious black men, inside the sinking ship "Waldeck". Hit by a steamer, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean After hearing a barking dog,Dingo. When Captain Hull is killed, while trying to harpoon a finback whale, with all the seamen,there is no other person but Dick ,to take charge!

    The Waldeck's survivors, become the whaler's new crew. He sets his course to South America;but the cook through trickery, sabotages the binnacle, the ship's compass.

    And they land in Africa instead! Meeting a man named Harris,a slave trader, in league with Negoro ,who convinces them that this is Bolivia, before that nation lost its coastland, in a war on the border of Chile. He gallantly offers to take them to his brother's hacienda!

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    But they will be sold into slavery ; and marched to the interior. The caravan numbers more than Their only hope is to escape , down a river in a canoe,through cannibal territory and get to a town on the Atlantic. Mar 07, Javier Robayo rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. This was the first novel I ever read and I have yet to forget it. It was so inspiring because the writing was so pure, so honest, and the adventure so vividly portrayed. Jan 29, Marquise rated it liked it Shelves: youth-literature , swash-your-buckles , classics , full-sail-ahead. The third Verne I read after "Around the World in 80 days" and "Michael Strogoff," and it was enjoyable enough for my age at that time, though much less than the other books by him I got my hands on.

    Shelves: classics , jules-verne-books. This book tells the tale of a fifteen year old boy serving as a sailor on the schooner "Pilgrim". The crew are whale hunters but they have a bad hunting season and take thier leave, as they are about to leave New Zealand the hunting firm owner's wife, Mrs Weldon, her son Jack and her cousin, Benedict, join them to return to San Francisco. Along the way they come upon a shipwreck and save the five surviving passengers Tom, Acteon, Austin, Bat, Nan and a dog, Dingo.

    The crew see a whale decide to This book tells the tale of a fifteen year old boy serving as a sailor on the schooner "Pilgrim". The crew see a whale decide to hunt it. Captain Hull leaves Dick in charge of the ship. But the does not go well the crew is killed and Dick now has a really big task.

    Well the mysterious ships cook Negoro, decides to cause trouble breaking a compass and the speed measuring device and making all end up in Africa Well remember that slavery is still a big issue there Hey its an exciting adventure, you should read it!!! I've read a few of Jules Verne's books as a child.

    They are, or at least were, pretty much a given for any French child to read. While I quite enjoyed most of those I read, the opinions of the time are very notable in Verne's books, and the discriminatory views regarding certain groups, Africans in particular, are nowhere more prominent than in this book, at least among those books of his I read. While the story has an interesting premise, the negative portrayal of any African tribe encountered I've read a few of Jules Verne's books as a child.