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Please advise me on what to do when filling in this application. The teacher will advise the students of the risks before going on the field trip. I advise you to leave the bar before a fight breaks out.

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She had to advise the new staff on school safety procedures. If this is wrong, please advise me on the correct way to do it. I will advise the customer that the bill is past due. The young couple asked the realtor to advise them on which house to buy. If you ask, the boss will advise you on the best way to get it done. The doctor strongly advised him to quit smoking.

Remembering Proper Usage When the issue of advice vs. Some other tips to keep in mind regarding advice and advise are: Advice is the information or an opinion that you give or receive. Advise is what you do when you instruct or notify. If you need guidance, ask someone for advice on a matter. If you can give guidance, advise someone on a matter. End the Confusion Once you know which part of speech you need to use in a sentence, deciding on the correct word is quite simple. YourDictionary definition and usage example.

Link to this page. If you are "going it alone," this portion might not apply to you but it is still entertaining!

However, there is still a massive amount of critical project information provided that will be immensely helpful! You and your partner will not only learn to guesstimate your project budget and nail down your priorities, but you will also acquire valuable advice that may very well save your relationship!


This is much less expensive than couples counseling! Humor aside, this is the purest form of the nuts and bolts.

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The worksheets contain loads of additional info. Get lists to fill out, a questionnaire, and excel spreadsheets for your guesstimating. Invaluable info! Are you tired of witnessing friends, family members, or neighbors pulling their hair out preparing for a remodel? Give them this awesome gift package to help them properly prepare for their remodel!

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Includes books and worksheets, two t-shirts to wear when packing, and a stainless steel flask for necessary thirst quenching. We can begin by you emailing me any information you want me to review photos of your home, ideas, etc. We will then chat via phone, facetime, skype, or in person if you want to meet me in my office! I will answer questions and provide ideas to ensure you are well on your way to a successful project! They also are very much interested in Unifying a great majority of the voters out there that you're doing a swell job of annoying. And they're already self employed so you won't be hiring them only to fire them later Free the Weed!

Simply get it removed from Federal policies of enforcement. Remove Cannabis from Federal Scheduling standards, and this won't be a problem going forward. Flank your opposition. For precedence on this step, refer to the NDAA. There will be some folks around the Whitehouse, who you haven't fired yet, who can fill you in on how to use THAT document to insist on Hillary Clinton being flown down to the Caribbean for some enhanced interrogation techniques.

The results of such a productive interview process will no doubt lead to a large list of folks to be used in step ONE! And remember President, I respect you and appreciate the sacrifice you've made to become 45 in a long list of men who take a lot of credit for the work of a nation. But I'd like for you to know that I don't really care about your struggles right now because the Nation and it's continuation into the future is a far more important mission than worrying about a guy who's done so well for himself.

Downvoting a post can decrease pending rewards and make it less visible. Common reasons:. Your fired Jeff Sessions! I trust Cynthia McKinney and echo your support for the unrig movement. I also agree that Hillary should be locked up and Jeff Sessions fired.

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I wish I could share your faith in our President to do the right thing. Lets face it - he isn't an outsider and he won't upturn the applecart. He is a billionaire with a vested interest in not changing the system that got him there. We are going to have to elect a real reformer like Ron Paul of Jill Stein if we want to actually drain the swamp.

They presume, based on what I'm convinced is his carefully-calculated record of outright lies, shaded truth, and distractions and derailments that render everything he says untrustworthy, his personal agenda is something other than profit maximization for his brand at any cost, or, if they recognize that, that that's far more beneficial that anything the deep state could ever do.