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Obviously not. Recovering, I emptied the sawdust into the bin and went back into my flat. It was a perfectly good place to live, but now, with the flashback still fresh in my mind, I realized how few of the memories I had of this place were happy ones. Like taking my car to work, the only thing that had kept me here was habit. Perhaps it was time for a change.

Feeling listless, I unpacked my shopping and then took a beer from the fridge. The fact was I was in a rut. And change was coming whether I wanted it or not. Although I was employed by the university, most of my work came from police consultancy. As a forensic anthropologist, I was called in when human remains were found that were too badly decomposed or degraded for a pathologist to deal with. It was a highly specialized field populated largely by freelancers like myself, who would help police identify remains and provide as much information as possible regarding the time and manner of their dying.

But the attempt had been short-lived.

For better or worse, this was what I did. What I was good at. Or at least it had been. Least of all the police. And suddenly the consultancy work had dried up.


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Inevitably, there was a knock-on effect at the university. Technically, I was only an associate, on a rolling contract rather than tenure. The arrangement gave me the freedom to carry on with my police consultancy and allowed the department to benefit by association. It was clear that was how he saw me. With a sigh I flopped back into an armchair and took a drink of beer. The last thing I felt like was a weekend house party, but Jason and Anja were old friends.

But Jason had got in touch just before Christmas, after seeing my name in news reports about the fouled-up Dartmoor investigation. They now lived in an eye-wateringly expensive house in Belsize Park, and had a second home in the Cotswolds. It was only after I accepted the invitation that I learned there was a catch. Police stuff and all that. Well, divorced, but same thing. If you hit it off, great. Just come along and see what happens.

Now, though, the prospect of spending a bank holiday weekend with strangers seemed like a terrible idea. Better make the best of it.

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Wearily, I got up and began making myself something to eat. When the phone rang I thought it would be Jason, calling to check I was still going. The possibility of making a last-minute excuse crossed my mind, until I saw the number on the caller display was withheld. Then old habits kicked in again, and I picked up anyway. Lancashire, I thought.

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You worked with him on a murder inquiry a while back? My fault more than his, so I appreciated his putting a word in for me. Please note: Moderation is enabled and may delay your comment being posted. I don't want to like this series, but I do.

Feb 2, am. Full 5 for me.

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I was well and truly impressed by that. And if you count Grace's fingerprint, that would be 5 - must surely be a record achievement Feb 2, pm. A 5 from me too, I love this series and it gets you so involved in working out who the killer is. Edited: Feb 2, pm. Install Steam.

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Store Page. Global Achievements. Inardesco View Profile View Posts. It says that it regenerates the health of all combatants on the field but does it actually work? Can't say I've ever seen units health restored through it?


Showing 1 - 15 of 22 comments. Ahriman View Profile View Posts. It's only a small amount of healing every time the mage uses a spell. It's not game changing, but it's better than nothing. Last edited by Ahriman ; 11 Jun am. It also resurrects, so you want to use Lord's Resurrection and immediately pop up the Restless Dead via some cheap spell, this way you can resurrect several skeletons per unit per combo-cast. Last edited by sergiomorozov ; 11 Jun am.