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For instance, verse 1 says, "In the beginning God created Furthermore, this word, a proper noun, is not singular but plural; however, the predicate "created" is singular. This is an indication that God is triune, three-one. This surely is something of the divine revelation that progresses throughout the Bible until the last chapter of Revelation In Colossians he says, "To whom God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

This is an example of the fact that the divine revelation in the Bible is progressive and that it is not completed until the end of Revelation. Life-study of Psalms , pp. The divine revelation in the Holy Scriptures is progressive, from the creation of man in God's image in the first chapter of Genesis, through many processes in both the Old Testament and the New Testament, to the consummation of the New Jerusalem in the last two chapters of Revelation.

Thousands of things are covered in the Bible. The first thing is God's creation of the heavens and the earth, and the last thing is the New Jerusalem. Between these two ends, the divine revelation goes along with the course of human history. Life-study of Proverbs , p. The revelations in the Bible are progressive. Most of the revelations are sown as seeds in Genesis, they are developed little by little in the succeeding books, and they consummate in Revelation.

We may say that in Genesis we have the seeds and in Revelation we have the harvest The Ultimate Significance of the Golden Lampstand , p. The Spirit is mentioned first as the Spirit of God, in relation to creation Gen. This is not merely the Spirit of God before the Lord's incarnation but the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit with divinity, after the Lord's resurrection, compounded with the Lord's incarnation humanity , human living under the cross, crucifixion, and resurrection.

The holy anointing ointment in Exo. The Spirit of Jesus is related mainly to the Lord's humanity and human living; the Spirit of Christ is related mainly to the Lord's resurrection. To experience the Lord's humanity, as illustrated in , we need the Spirit of Jesus. To experience the power of the Lord's resurrection, as mentioned in , we need the Spirit of Christ.

In his suffering the apostle experienced both the Lord's suffering in His humanity and the Lord's resurrection. Such a Spirit has, and even is, the bountiful supply for a person like the apostle, who was experiencing and enjoying Christ in His human living and resurrection. Eventually, this compound Spirit of Jesus Christ becomes the seven Spirits of God, who are the seven lamps of fire before God's throne to carry out His administration on earth for the accomplishing of His economy concerning the church, and who are the seven eyes of the Lamb for the transfusing of all that He is into the church Rev.

Just as the revelation in the Bible is progressive, so the recovery of the revelation in the Bible is progressive. Beginning from the time of Martin Luther and the recovery of the truth of justification by faith, the recovery of the divine revelation has progressed to what we see today. We can see that the discovery of God's truth is progressive; the more it advances, the more complete it becomes. By the end of the nineteenth century, almost all of the truths had been recovered.

From these glimpses into the past we can see that the revelation of the Bible is progressive. The same is true with regard to the recovery of the Bible. Martin Luther's revelation was only to a certain point. Gradually, more and more has been uncovered and recovered. Our vision today is the most far-reaching, because we stand on the shoulders of those who have gone before.

Edison is regarded as the father of electricity, but what we know today about electricity goes far beyond Edison's knowledge. The recovery of the truth, like the advances in science, builds upon the past. From the Reformation in the time of Martin Luther, throughout the centuries one Bible expositor after another was raised up to unravel some of the biblical truths.

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However, the degree of the unraveling was very limited. This situation lasted for about four centuries, beginning from the time of Luther, through the time of Zinzendorf, and proceeding to the previous century, the nineteenth century.


In the s, the Lord raised up the Brethren in England. Once they were raised up, the light of the truths flooded like a waterfall. From that time onward, the Bible was formally opened to us. We thank and praise the Lord for this!

Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 3), Vol.

The All-inclusiveness and Unlimitedness of Christ , pp. Although the Bible cannot be improved, the truth in the Bible is progressive, and the recovery of the divine truths in the Bible is even more progressive. Four hundred years ago, very few of the truths in God's Word had been recovered, but this is not so today. The recovery of the truths is richer now than it was just twenty years ago. This does not mean that the Bible changes or that we change the Bible, for no one has the right to do that.

It means that the Lord is moving on in the recovery of His truths. Life-study of Revelation , p.

Collected Works of Watchman Nee, The (Set 3), Vol. 47-62

Through the labor of our senior brothers, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, we have received a spiritual inheritance of all of the crucial revelations in the Bible that have been opened to the Lord's seekers in the last twenty centuries. But that is not all. Brother Nee and Brother Lee stood on the shoulders of those who had gone before to see more. In my entire life, I have never met a Christian who can compare with Brother Nee.

I received the greatest and the highest help from him.

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He picked up good and helpful things from nearly every denomination, from every kind of Christian practice, and from all the seeking saints throughout the history of the church, and he passed them on to us. The first time I stayed with him I realized that he was standing on the shoulders of many who had gone before him. The History of the Church and the Local Churches , p.

Our burden in the Lord's recovery is to minister the Triune God as life and everything to us so that we may enjoy all that He is.

Concerning this, we stand on the shoulders of the great teachers of the Bible who have gone before us. We have learned much from the experiences of others. We have studied church history, biographies, and the most important writings of the great teachers from the early centuries until the present. All this has been very helpful to us. Of course, we have also studied the Bible for ourselves. Therefore, we surely know where we are, and we have the assurance regarding the accuracy of whatever the Lord has led us to say in the ministry.

After the completion of the book of Revelation and beginning in the second century, the fathers of the church began to study the entire Bible.

Publisher of Watchman Nee & Witness Lee

They were real scholars. They saw that God is triune, and they used this term to describe God. Throughout the centuries, many scholars have studied the Bible. Today we have inherited the best interpretations of the Bible, and we are standing on the shoulders of many who have gone before us. The Central Line of the Divine Revelation , p. In in Shanghai, Brother Nee had a Bible study on the book of Revelation, and he gave me a draft of the notes when I joined the Lord's work in Today in the Recovery Version of the New Testament, the notes related to the prophecies are extracts obtained through my study of the writings of Darby, Pember, Govett, Panton, and Brother Nee.

These notes are very clear and transparent. Hence, our knowledge concerning the biblical prophecies has a solid foundation; it did not come out of our own imagination, nor is it our original, unique creation. Rather, what we see is an advancement that we made by standing on the shoulders of those who were before us.

The Bible has been studied, taught, and interpreted for nearly twenty centuries by thousands of teachers. We thank God for this. What they have seen we inherit, so today we are standing on the shoulders of all the foregoing teachers of the Bible.

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In this sense, we can "touch the heavens" easier than they could. Today the Bible is open to us, from the first page to the last page. It is as clear as crystal. I am burdened and trying to release what we have seen in the past seventy years in a brief and crystallized way. We are standing on the shoulders of many who have gone before us and have helped us to see more. They were our "ladders" and still are, so we have been unveiled to see some things which they never saw. The Spirit with Our Spirit , p. In your study of the Old Testament, the most basic books are those of the Pentateuch.

Even if you cannot study them by yourself, you have to thoroughly read through the Life-study messages on these five books. During the past decades, I have done my best to thoroughly present to you the riches in these five books. I am standing on the shoulders of my predecessors in order to advance further.