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My husband had to rub my back every night above and beyond what I needed for normal pregnancy pain.

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He spent hours reassuring me. Needless to say, GAD can be just as debilitating without depression in the mix. In addition to dealing with unrooted worries like mine, people with GAD can have physical symptoms, such as trembling and a racing heart.

How to Live in Fear

They also suffer from restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and disturbed sleep. You lay down to sleep and find your thoughts racing through your worries. GAD is usually treated in two ways: through psychotherapy and through medication. A study in Clinical Psychology Review also suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy is an effective way to treat GAD.

2. Know Your Own Power

Researchers used a series of 8-week group classes with breath-awareness, hatha yoga, and a body scan along with daily audio recordings. My severe case of GAD is under control now. I also use clonazepam Klonopin and aprazolam Xanax , which some research recommends as first-line treatment.

And, most importantly, I no longer worry that my husband will die in a fiery car crash. It takes constant work. I have to keep trying to banish the wolves from the door. But my condition is manageable.

And I no longer live in fear. With all that said, GAD can be an ominous shadow, lurking in the corner and threatening to materialize into a real-life villain.

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  • Some days, it creeps back into my life. I constantly stress over making the wrong decision. The choice is too much. In particular, I startle easily, which is simple for outsiders to observe. In the grips of GAD, it can take me hours to fall asleep.

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    These are the times when my loved ones know to be extra patient, extra supportive, and extra kind, while I rein in the beast. GAD can be scary. It makes life downright terrifying for those of us who live with it, and it can make life very frustrating for our relatives and caregivers. With treatment, people with GAD can live full, normal lives free of the small terrors that plagued our everyday lives.

    I manage it. It takes some medication tinkering and therapy, but I am a fully functional, worry-level-normal person, despite my early onset, severe GAD.

    How to Overcome Fear

    Help is possible. You just have to reach out and find it. Elizabeth Broadbent cohabitates with three small boys, three large dogs, and one patient husband. She likes reading adolescent literature, making art of various kinds, doing research, and homeschooling her sons. One woman shares her lifelong struggle with anxiety and what it's like to leave the house when you're triggered by sensory things, like loud sounds….

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    The Revealing Truth About What Fear is and How It’s Not Anxiety

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