Manual Je ne suis pas une machine à maigrir ! (Régimes) (French Edition)

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Pourquoi je nomme le McDo? Mais parfois le temps nous manque alors on fait plus simple mais sain!

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Anything else? Provide feedback about this page. Back to top. The stress at work and then watching my mother as she laid still in a coma for two weeks took a toll. I questioned my abilities as a mother.

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Was I doing enough for them? Was I being enough for them? My mother abandoned me and my siblings many times, would I be a good mom to my sons? Being pregnant was easy, being present as a mother was another matter. My mother did wake from her coma but she was never the same.

Even after years of physical therapy, the free-spirited woman was limited in movement. She would require medical care for the rest of her young life. Trying to hold it together was a recipe for disaster. The feeling of being an adequate nurturer for my children declined even further.

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I found more comfort at work than at home. The idea of trying for a third baby was put on the shelf. I transitioned into a new job and my mother moved into an assisted living facility. My pattern of being the last mom at daycare pick-up remained and thankfully Joe would come to the rescue to save us from late fees.

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Joe is the cook in our family so thankfully he enjoyed preparing dinners. I failed miserably in this area. Or I would see someone nursing and get the sense I was lactating. Fast forward nine years after Nick was born.

Joe and I feel that things are stabilizing again. We decide to move the proverbial goalie once again. Very quickly, I get pregnant. I am excited and nervous.

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Just over a month after finding out, major changes at work bring on additional stress to an already taxing workload and growingly toxic environment. I felt unexplained chest pains and go to the emergency room. So I agree and the results are inconclusive.

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I am asked when my next appointment will be with the obstetrician. Just like the other ultrasound appointments with Nick and Jack, we are thrilled to see the baby.

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We begin the ultrasound we begin to joke about whether there will be one or two heartbeats. However, I can tell something is wrong when his face turns stoic. At first, I think nothing of it. Both my pregnancies were healthy so I have nothing to worry about. The room turned cold and I was in shock. How could this happen? I was in full denial. I cried so hard I lost my breath.