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A funky smelling backpacking tent or gear locker can also be blamed on these completely normal microbiological processes. Air them out, and never store wet gear for any length of time. If your toes are taking a beating on every hike, you need to spot -and fix- the problem. Which of these might be the issue?

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Consider more supportive footwear in a half size larger, so your foot bones can distribute the weight more easily. When your insoles wear out , your toes begin to bump against the front of your footwear because your heel is no longer in the right place. If the soles and uppers are still in good shape, just take out the old insoles and replace them. Or purchase more expensive insoles, like these , for a longer lasting solution if your boots are new ish and you like the fit but have gotten a blister in them. Hiking toe problems could be a lacing problem in disguise.

Experiment with new ways to hold your feet in place and prevent toe bump ing. Give your feet some fresh air at least once during a hike. This also does some really nice things:. Plus it's a great excuse to put your feet up as you enjoy the hiking scenery you worked so hard to achieve. Banged up, callused hiking feet are just part of the fun of being a hiker. A little proactive strategy based on the best hiking toe problem busters can make your toes happy again! For more hiking self care strategies for happy trails, read this. These essential best hiking tips for gear, food, safety and comfort takes you through Hiking all the way up to expert hiking level.

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Why Stubbing Your Toe Hurts So Much

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Tips and tricks for real life and living with an ankle fracture |

Hurrah, it worked! Just one more little step sure, that's what they all say on the trail Please check your email to confirm your subscription, and watch for your first weekly message from Hiking For Her. Lots of great gear deals, fresh tips, freebies, exclusive offers and updates are headed your way. Don't miss out! Read more about these hiking weekly updates. Best Hiking Gear. Best Day Hike Food. Referred me to bone and joint clinic, they confirmed and said if I was 18 they would pin it.

No hard cast was put on and they sent me on my way because I had no insurance. That was 7 months ago. Recently I had it x-rayed again and the bone is still not healed, about an inch is still separated and it still hurts.

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I can't wear shoe for long time. I got my fifth metatarsal bone and pinky toe broke by getting run over by a full size Dodge quad cab diesel truck with the right front wheel. It rolled on my foot and twisted the tire right on top of my foot causing severe pain; I thought it ripped my toes off. I was treated with a shoe and told to stay off of it. And it still hurts badly, I think it is broken worse because I can't stay off of it.

I was wearing protection sandals with a triangle buckle above my pinky toe and the one next to it. I fell off a ladder and the left side of my foot in the middle on the outside is swollen and hurts when I step on it or even when I'm not on it. I am afraid I have broken my foot. I wonder if I can wear a moon boot until my broken foot starts to heal up. I have been wearing it for 4 months now, but my foot still aches a lot without it, so I keep it on.

I slipped at work last week and didn't think anything of it; just happy that I caught myself. Now my foot is hurting whether walking or sitting.

Why Does Stubbing Your Toe Hurt So Damn Much?

It is making me sick to my stomach. Nothing is swollen. I do have a ganglion cyst on top of my foot. The pain is in the outer side of my ankle and heel. I wonder if the foot is broken. I rolled my right foot and broke the 5th metatarsal. I felt pain immediately and I also have been recovering from a broken femur on the same side. I immediately put ice on it.

5 Reasons Your Ankles Hurt from Running (and How to Make Pesky Pain go Away!)

The doctor could not see me the next day, and I went to the emergency room, had x-rays , and was told to get a boot. The pain is minimal, which I feel grateful for.

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I was wearing flip flops and this is how my foot rolled. I still feel confused about the boot as I m a very active person.

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I have rented a scooter; not easy to get around in a 3 story house so I do put a little pressure on that foot with a cane as well. Severe pain when I came to. Hard to walk on, at this stage didn't realize was broken.

Pain intensifying, nausea. Could not touch area, foot swelling like a balloon, and broken bone on outside of right foot. Foot in cast and on crutches. Slightly can weight bear nearly 2 week. Cannot work for up to eight weeks. Constant pain and tingling in foot. Just the other day, I was putting on my pants and noticed that my right foot had a 3 inch oblong bruise on the top about 2 inches from the toes, and was swollen twice the size of my other foot!

The foot didn't really hurt to walk on, but I have neuropathic damage due to a bad work related back injury, so the foot is numb much of the time. I don't know whether I should go to Urgent Care and get an x-ray. It was late but the plants I had ready for planting in pots were looking sad so I decided to water them. To get to the tap I only had to go down the 3 steps off my friend's decking. It was dark, around about midnight. I managed the first step next moment I was in the road.

Although it hurt I didn't think it was broken. This being a Sunday, my son picked me up on Monday. I didn't go to the hospital till Thursday and I got my new accessory 'the boot. I am due again next week and as far I can tell it is still broken. I am so fed up. Terpsichorean Clod Well-Known Member. Smooth Dancer said:. When I read your post, I was thinking pretty much what fascination has stated.

So I'm just adding on a bit. The common way to learn to dance is from the feet up. Dancing is often taught as put your foot here or put it there. So you tend to lead with your foot and your body follows. But your follower isn't in contact with your foot well I guess she ends up in contact with your foot which is the problem.

Your follower is is contact with your body. If you lower slightly and move your body with your foot instead of behind your foot, then she can feel your intention and move out of your way.