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My Inspiration. What is your inspiration? She's always there when I need her to be. Even though we have disagreements from all the frustration. I know she always care and that one day she will be my key. Musically Inspired. I was lost in the silent world A graceful sound came to me Through one's beautiful performance Touched my heart deeply I am in a melodious world I am like the shining sun.

Everything has already been said about love. Even this. Who am I but a lovestruck child finding my place in a world that is real? Rainbow Flags. You saw me through the sea of rainbow flags,. The Abyss.

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I strive to know more. The Future is a dark abyss. The unknown motivates. Us Against Mankind. The human race is very upsetting. The gallons of blood, sweat, and tears must stop. People make mistakes they start regretting. Humans take everything over the top. Wars against ourselves are pessimistic. Sometimes, I see it in their eyes. Their irises are green, like a spring day And their pupils black, like a midnight sky. When they are awake, Their irises are the color of green grass,.

For years, his love grew in me as a lily In the wild, Making my heart sublime and mind focused on what solely was mine. Lost my defenses. I let you in. Now, I'm vulnerable.

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Standing up to you is so hard. Black and White. I see kindness and love. Then, I see black, pitch black darkness. The Orbit. An open letter to Donald Trump. Is it a lynching? Is your body hanging like low, strange fruit Is your family strange fruit with you too On that tree, is there fallen leaves? Can you breathe? Paint pallet.

Speak For those who cannot. For those afraid of what will happen next.

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Somber and Silent. Somber and silent.

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That's how she liked it. That's how I had to be. My mouth was closed. Indecision and Fear. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself. It feels good to have Our Ancestors watching over Us. I love the People of Warm Springs. You're Electric. There are moments in My day when I know We're both thinking of each other, connecting Us on Our private frequency. Ptah, O Grandest of Rappers. Once, I made things just by speaking. Icarus and Apollo.

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Soul To Soul. Athena, Goddess of Video Games. She leans forward in her chair;sweaty palms and flightful eyes. She doesn't blink as the blocks fall down,The piece she desires. A path of blood began to flow From a dark creature long ago. Conjured from sin and pain and wrath, Darkness began its vengeful path. It took a silhouette like shape. Give this man one last shot.. Icarus' Airplane Wings. Icarus, A little boy, One day wished For wings to fly. Daedalus loved him, Far too much To tell him no. The Antichrist. The Girl that Bites. Eyes diverted as she passed, cast down towards the linoleum.

Lips were tightened into thin lines, the type of expression received from a cashier at the grocery store. Senior year of an undocumented student.

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My body is tense, my muscles feel like cold steel, I feel a knot in my throat, I can feel my heart rate rapidly increasing as I look at the eligibility requirements; I am in the top of my class, my GPA and personal achievements qualify m. Perennial Vogue. Since blossoming from the florid queen of death herself,there has always been an exquisite beauty in aesthetic variance. The floral goth contrast, the inharmonious perennial dance with darkness. A Muse. Beauty Queen. The Opaque Empress. The Opaque Empress came from beyond the air. The Myth of a King's Reign.

There once was a queen Who was very mean Amara was her name Tricks were her game Her tricks were sly And she could fly She was above the rest For no one good best her.

Any fleeting semblance of reason was lost when the humans hid in isolation beneath the earth. A global putrefaction followed by lawless flames, the few who lived are those that ran, forgetful of their past lives. Car Ride. The time was 3 am. The beginning of the freeway was empty. His big hand gripped the wheel tightly, The other was on the volume nob turning up the volume. A Confession to the Dead. Not Alone. The God of thunder. Many have heard his name before Could be because hes been pretty famous lately Been on movies, books, shows, and some believe hes even alive Thor may be a myth but he has been talked bout for years.

Blue Girl. Yesterday, I saw your face on an actor in a movie. When I saw that his eyes were the same as yours, deep-set with the same intensity. My eyes glued to the screen. A Summer's Daydream. Flowers vividly in the light shining,. Loneliness drowns my sorrow thoughts away, Numb and hopeless feeling no emotion, Question myself worth every silent day,. Someday; her jewelry will be gold Her hair will sparkle And she will grow old She'll smell the peonies And feel the petals With her hands, so soft.