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Children's Books About Animals

Antoinette is a poodle with three bulldog brothers — Rocky, Ricky and Bruno. This puptastic narrative focuses on Antoinette and her desire to figure out what makes her extra special, and just like Gaston taught an important message about diversity, this lovely follow up teaches children about valuing their originality. Zoe and her father begin a search for the mother deer, and along the way she learns their Okanagan Syilx names.

Flo is littler than the other pandas. Due to her size, everything takes her longer and that frustrates the other pandas.

Top 100 Children’s Picturebooks of All-Time

This book is vibrant, wacky and very fun. This series of bear books is one I often favour for storytimes. In this one, Bear is trying to hibernate but Moose, Sheep, Lion and Zebra keep walking him up with their games. They each try to make it up to him, but their plans backfire and Bear ends up even grumpier than before. This will be a silly, rhyme-filled time.

Gerald the giraffe really wants to dance but he has crooked knees and wibbly wobbly legs. Enviously resigned to the background, where he watches as rhinos and lions cut a rug around him, he is finally inspired by a kind cricket to try dancing to a different style of music. A cute story about not giving up. This picture book has ridiculously adorable art that demonstrates how animals such as hippos, monkeys, and pigs take baths.

The story of a spoiled cat and a dopey dog becoming friends comes with a huge, exciting-to-me bonus: mixed-race lesbian cat-moms! I am here for everything about this badass book.

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This book really blew me away the first time I read it, and I also love how the rhyming prose is full of great, unusual vocabulary words for kids. A gorgeous lullaby in book form, this captures the feel of a rural winter night — complete with foxes, rabbits, owls, and, my personal animal obsession, deer. The prose, gently poetic, is lovely and will soothe both the reader and the audience.

Top 10 Books About Animals

Why should you read this one out loud to children whenever you can? Grownups making fools of themselves by snoring is a real kick for kids, so this book is gold. After his roommates send him away, Bernard tries a lake, a puddle and a fountain. Will he?

This one has a sweet message about accepting your loved ones for who they are, snores and all. A story about two animal friends, Petunia the Pig and Percy the Pug. Percy loves puddles, especially muddy ones, which is where he eventually meets Petunia and her family.

Percy will not be foiled, though, and he continues to become friends with the piglets. A follow up has recently been published, Thunder Pug. Norman the Bear has a plan to fill his belly up with delicious honey. He gets dressed as a bumblebee and crashes their bee school day in order to steal from their stash.

The art by the fan Brothers is gorgeous, all these sea-bound foxes, deer and pigeons. But they do parade around in eccentric hats. A wacky book about how doing something a bit silly can get you out of a funk!

100 First Animals

For more cute animal adventures, Won also has Hurray for Books! A little boy finds a whale bopping around in his swimming pool, and he tries all manner of schemes to kick it out! My Octopus Arms by Keith Baker. Oceans: Dolphins, Sharks, Penguins and More! Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae. Seahorse and for whales you must read Big Blue, Shelley Gill. I so need to learn how to make these book lists. I have tons! Thanks for sharing I love to add. Oh, how could I forget Mr. Love it! Thank you so much for adding to the list!

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